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HERE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE We have all heard the stories of ancient folk who lived lives of eight, nine hundred, and even a thousand years. In Chinese history the tale of “Master White Stone” teases us with his reputed age of three thousand years. The biblical Methuselah was reputed to be nearly a thousand years old. In the old renditions of the texts now “aprocraphal” it is related that Jesus was initiated into the order of Melchizedek by none other than Melchizedek himself. It doesn't dawn on any of us that Melchizedek is the ancient name of one of the sons of Noah and if still living at the time of Jesus, he would be nearly ten thousand years old. All this incredible stuff was closely protected by secret societies and not shared by the common people. Even the “Magdalene” women of Jesus time practiced ancient Egyptian religious sacrament practices which included making both water and oil preparations which were so incredibly healing that they would bring a person back to life. “Magdalene” seems to be able to be loosely translated as keeper of the water, is connected to much more ancient Egyptian religious tradition and has connotations to water of life or fountain of youth and is probably the foundation of the old myth of a fountain of youth. In fact, the fountain was probably a man made thing which produced “manna” which extended life to the extent of being eternal or unimaginably long. Perhaps the promise of eternal life of believers was an actual promise carried out in ancient times and allowed to only a privileged few insiders who were able to take manna and live an eternal life, not a life after death at all. Perhaps dying wasn't included at all. In the old texts (included in the old testament) the story of Gilgamesh is repeated and his quest for approval of the gods and acceptance into heaven. When he gains entry into heaven, he is fed “manna” and gains eternal life. This hinting at extended life is all throughout the old texts and only later (the new testament) becomes a reward gained through death, but death is a later idea and perhaps wasn't considered desirable by the most ancient alchemists and priests. So what if there was something which would turn back the clock and bring your body back to life? Most people wouldn't believe you if you claimed to have discovered such a thing. You would have to “couch” such claims in scientific analysis and discussion. Under such scrutiny, the religious and mystical nature of such a discovery might be lost. As unbelievable as it might seem, the secrets of the old testament seem to have revealed themselves to a few people (Sir Lawrence Gardner and John Hudsen might be two) and their discoveries are now being repeated by many. This substance has been called Ormus or Manna for many thousands of years and is now reentering the popular consciousness as something that can actually turn back the clock and reverse the effects of aging. Of course, this has been known for many hundreds, even thousands of years by members of a few secret religious or spiritual societies who called themselves “Alchemists” and pursued the preparation of elixirs of life. The parallels between preparations of elixirs of life, waters of life, manna and life extension are amazing to those of us who have been studying these ancient ways. So we make Ormus! Alchemy is an ancient practice that continues to this day. Ancient cultures known to practice alchemy include the Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, early Asian races, Arabians, Grecians, and Romans. For the Egyptians, alchemy was a master science, which they believed was revealed to them through their god Thoth, who was called Hermes Trismegistus by the Greeks. Therefore, alchemy is a Hermetic Art.

The goal of alchemy is to transform the base or common into the pure or rare. Put another way, alchemy can be considered to be the transmutation of matter into spirit. Alchemists sought the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life, which were thought to impart higher spiritual consciousness, cure physical maladies, and confer eternal life. Alchemists believed that there was a hidden and higher order of reality, which constitutes the basis of all spiritual truths and all spirituality. Perceiving and realizing this higher order of reality was the work of alchemists – the Magnum Opus or The Great Work – the Absolute Realization.

To perceive this truth requires the consciousness to be radically altered and transmuted from ordinary (lead-like) level of everyday perception to a subtler (gold-like) level of higher perception, so that every object is perceived in its perfect form – The Beauty of All Beauty, the Love of All Love, the Holy of Holies, the Highest High.

This is a material and a spiritual realization at once. Alchemists work in three worlds: the spiritual, the elemental, and the material. As above, so below. As below, so above. There are precise correspondences between the visible and invisible, matter and spirit, plan
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