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Ormus - what is it?

  • Is Ormus a superconductor at room temperature?
  • Is Ormus a superfood for plants, animals and people?
  • Is the physical youthing and happiness commonly reported just a "placebo effect" when people have regular Ormus?

ORMUS is also known as o.r.m.e. (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements), white powder gold, m-state elements and monoatomic gold. It may be the same substance/s that the ancients referred to as manna, shewbread, ch'i, prana, the Philosopher's Stone, shemanna and the Fountain of Youth. Barry discusses how these materials have been extracted from the air, water, soil, rock and some foods. He also describes how ORMUS researchers have observed levitation, superconductivity, agricultural, biological and psychic effects associated with these materials—and believes that these materials are going to change every aspect of human life and possibly the greatest scientific discovery in human history.

For more detailed Ormus information and archives visit Barry Carter's site in USA Subtle Energies


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